Chinese Injection Molding

Chinese Injection Molding Ample Chinese injection molding products are found and it can be used as vessels, shielding caps, flexible tubes, fleabags, dollies, pitchers, cases, accouterments, kitchentools and many more. Even the computer materials such as a keyboard and mouse is also m

The History of Pastic Injection Moulding

The History of Pastic Injection Moulding In 1868, Hyatt developed and improved a plastic material and makes it in the shape of an article.  Then in 1872, he and his brother Isaiah registered the first patent plunger-type injection molding machine. Basically it is running like a giant

Die Casting

What is die casting ? A precision casting technique, die casting uses a permanent die or mould, into which molten metal is directly discharged. Along with gravity feed system, metal is consistently forced into the mould under high pressure(we called high pressure die casting process.

What is Wire EDM

What is Wire EDM & What this for? Wire EDM or Electrical Discharge Machining is a technique used to slice through metal. The technique uses thin brass wire for the purpose and can create intricate profiles with the process. The EDM machine uses spark discharges that are fast, repe

Plastic Molding Machines

Plastic Molding Machines Over-mold plastic molding and two-shot injection molding are two distinctly different molding methods even though both are used to combine multiple polymers into a single part. Because of this similarity, the two are often confused or misapplied by the design

Thermoplastic Plastic Moulding

Thermoplastic Plastic Moulding and Plastic Molding Company Thermoplastic plastic moulding is the most common way to manufacture plastic parts. Thermoplastics are polymers that can be heated to soften or melt, and cooled to solidify as a physical change, rather than a chemical change t

Plastic Mold Company Management

Job Shop Management Software Can Really Help A Plastic Mold Company Wouldn’t it be great if the was some kind of job shop management software that actually helped run your business? One that was designed for small to medium sized companies in a real-world job shop environment? P

EDM Tooling

Which EDM Tooling Sytem Is Best? There are several very well designed and reliable EDM tooling and electrode managing systems on the market today. Each has it’s advantages over the other, but all are quite good. Time spent analyzing the various systems available is time well-spe

Aluminum Casting China

Aluminum Casting China CL TECH is plastic mold manufacturer, as well as an aluminum die casting, zinc die casting and magnesium die casting products manufacturer, that produces aluminum alloy castings, zinc and magnesium die casting and custom tooling with precision machining services

Injection Molding Process

The injection molding process In the injection molding process, thermoplastic resins are melted and the melt is forced (injected) into a mold.      In the injection molding process, thermoplastic resins are melted and the melt is forced (injected) into a mold. After this melt cools un