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Dongguan Sincere Mold Tech , an injection mold tooling china company, established in 2015 in Dongguan of Guangdong, China. Where closed to HongKong &Shenzhen,We specialize in different kinds of high-quality plastic mold tooling and related plastic Injection molding services, always provide the most cost-effective way of design & manufacturing to meet customer’s individual requirements. Sincere Mold Tech is an excellent plastic injection tooling supplier in the line, we clearly understand what lead time, quality and price mean to our customers.

Our company focus on manufacturing plastic injection tooling, plastic injection molding and assembly. Our aim at producing moulds tooling with precision, complexity, various size and longer service life. Sincere Mold Tech engineers are experienced in working with technical requirements of American & Germany customers. Our customers have the benefits of speaking directly to our Project Manager in English fluently.

Sincere Mold Tech has established a complete follow-up service system to ensure quality service to our customers. We hope to be accepted & satisfied by customers through our continuously mature marketing network and improved after service.

By networking and communicating with our customers, we hope to build an environment in which our customers feel valued and important. Consumer feedback is important to any business hoping to constantly improve its products and services, and whether the company runs plastic injection moulding & tooling facilities, this is a standard that needs to be kept to at all times, if possible. Our follow-up system ensures that customers are taken care of even after all transactions have concluded, and ensure we retain a loyal base of customers.

As a plastic mold china company, we have been Building precision injection mold tooling and custom injection molding parts for our global customers continues to be our core business. Employing over 100 skillful engineers and workers, We deliver over 400 top quality molds a year to many of the world’s best companies. The ability to produce mold at the highest international standard, strong engineering and design capability, fluent English communication skill, aggressive lead times, competitive pricing and business integrity continues to be the success factor of Sincere Mold Tech.

Sincere Mold Tech, as a Chinese molding company, is making good quality plastic injection tooling and molding parts for world plastic molding industries, German Precision, American Service, Chinese prices

Our injection mold tooling engineers can speak good English with our customer, this will provide our customer with professional communication, Sincere Mold Tech is always ready to make your idea a reality. Good design can yield quality parts. Quality is the core of our business. We have been awarded ISO9001:2000 certification. We manage to control the cost on the details. We deliver our products following your delivery request. We can work flexibly to achieve your urgent delivery target.

Communication is a lot easier in our company as our Project Manager can speak good English and have more than 15 years working experience. Our goal is to make you succeed. Sincere Mold Tech continues to improve on quality, technology, environmental, human resources, information technology management system.

To force the company with customers to establish a seamless service.GC mould team looks forward to participating in the success of your next project.

CenLong Tech can offer you

  • Parts Design;
  • Mold design,
  • Technical consulting for your part design and mold making.
  • Family Plastic Mold;
  • Rapid Prototyping;
  • Multi-cavity Plastic Molding tooling;
  • Hot runner Plastic Injection mold tooling;
  • Plastic Molding
  • Die Casting mold

If you have any question for your project regarding plastic mold tooling or part design. You are welcome to contact our sales or technical team, below are more information about our capacity.

Plastic Injection Mold Tooling/product Engineering &Design

The design of a plastic component is a precise process that requires knowledge of both the polymer limitations coupled with the ability and experience of anticipating the reaction of the polymer in reference to the mold flow characteristics and processing effects. At Sincere Mold Tech our mold tooling & product design engineering staff, working directly with our customers’ engineers, define and evaluate the product application and performance requirements. Upon definition of these parameters, we will design the product utilizing the most advanced design technology and theory. This “Concept To Product” service that we provide assures that all of our customers’ new products reach the required marketplace in the shortest time frame possible. This same expertise is also utilized for our Tooling Engineering & Design to assure that the tooling required is designed to produce a molded product that will exceed our customer’s expectations.

Mold/Tooling Construction & Maintenance

Sharing over 30,000 square feet of manufacturing area, the partnership of Sincere Mold Tech gives our customers the assurance that the tooling required for any project is designed and constructed utilizing the most advanced technology and practices available. This partnership also assures that routine maintenance and/or any engineering changes required to these quality injection tooling is performed in a professional and timely manner.

Injection Molding

As a supplier of quality Plastic Injection Molding Parts and Assemblies to the Consumer, Recreational, Medical, Electrical and Automotive Industries our goal is to exceed our customers expectations by developing and providing manufacturing solutions utilizing the expertise of both our highly trained and skilled molding personnel along with the same expertise and skill of our sister company CL Tool & Die. Personalized customer service coupled with flexible and responsive scheduling provides peace of mind to our customers, knowing that they will receive the product as scheduled.

From single cavity /prototype runs – to multiple cavity /hot manifold/high volume production runs, Sincere Mold Tech is equipped with modern digitally controlled presses ranging from 50 Ton to 1600Ton. to assure our customers receive a product of the highest quality and consistency.

Our dedication to quality and assuring that quality is built-in to all of our processes and products, by utilizing the highest industry standards and technical support available, ensure our customers’ needs are defined and satisfaction is achieved.


In the world, as we know it today, the need for the One-Stop-Shop to ease the duties of the purchasing agent is a must. Simply put, a vendor must provide all the necessary services required by the customer to fill their particular needs. Stuart Mold & Manufacturing strives to fulfill these needs by not only supplying the highest quality molded products but also providing Drop Shipping, Assembly, Decorating, Printing, Packaging and Close Tolerance Machining of our plastic molded parts.

Contact us know to get price and technical supporting.

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