1L bucket lid is assembling with 1L bucket,so the mould making should pay attention the sealing performance.

1/2Lbucket round mold manufacturers in china, SINCERE TECH with high quality mold manufacturing service in China.

1/2 L bucket round mould we ever made with 2 cavities ,the mould quotation size is 750*450*550mm,the steel used with S136 to guarantee 1M mould life, the plastic we used is PP for mould test. Mould cycle time is 12S,using 2 tip hot runner to satisfied the products quality, using stripper for ejection .

1/2 L bucket round mould first sample will be deliver after 70 days when place an order.
We will get customers’ feed back after customer confirm the first samples.
We should improve the mould before qualify customers.

We have enough experience in 1/2L bucket round mould manufacturing.