About us: Plastic Mold & Molding Company

CengLong Tech, one of the premier plastic mold, plastic molding manufacturing and metal parts manufacturers in the China welcomes you to this ongoing discussion of custom plastic molds, plastic injection molding, materials, precision machining processes and technical innovations in the world of producing plastic parts and metal parts. We are committed to supporting your projects with excellent service and high performance quality parts – whether you need prototypes or long run production, we are ready to serve you.

In addition, CengLong Tech, is also a premier distributor for plastic molding parts and die casting parts.  We want to work closely with you so to develop and produce high quality plastic parts or machined metal parts or die casting parts with the goal of being on time and on budget. With over 16 years of experience and reliability, we can bring a level of design and manufacturing expertise to your  projects.

CengLong Tech., the model for excellence in plastic molds, plastic molding parts, metal parts and aluminum die casting parts, is committed to supporting your specific needs with outstanding service and high performance quality products.

Our friendly and professional staff are eager for the opportunity to discuss with you your current parts needs and how we would best be able to assist you.  We look forward to earning your business! Please don’t hesitate to call us about any plastic molds / molding parts, metal parts and die casting projects you are planning.

We focus on automotive, home appliance, electric, house hold, and medical equipment plastic mold and fixture design, processing, and manufacturing;

In order to ensure that all clients’ projects remain on schedule, according to the quality of Conservative; we applied for and passed the ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification system;

Each project started, attention to every detail, from concept to design the structure of the review, to design review and manufacturing process control, we have maintained a strict work attitude.

Research and development of more than a dozen full-time staff, will be the world’s advanced management and process technology into our production activities;

Accumulated a wealth of experience in the manufacture of automotive interior parts and tools exterior parts in;has a good reputation in the automotive tier.1 and tier.2 suppliers;

Stack mold design and manufacturing, 2K-color and multi-color molds, auto-unscrewing molds, test tooling and prototype molds, IMD, die casting, metal stamping, sand casting etc..


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