CenLong Tech founded in 2010;

Focus on automotive and medical equipment plastic mold and fixture design, processing, and manufacturing;

In order to ensure that all clients’ projects remain on schedule, according to the quality of Conservative; we applied for and passed the ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification system;

Each project started, attention to every detail, from concept to design the structure of the review, to design review and manufacturing process control, we have maintained a strict work attitude.

Research and development of more than a dozen full-time staff, will be the world’s advanced management and process technology into our production activities;

Accumulated a wealth of experience in the manufacture of automotive interior parts and tools exterior parts in;has a good reputation in the automotive tier.1 and tier.2 suppliers;

Stack mold design and manufacturing, 2K-color and multi-color molds, auto-unscrewing molds, test tooling and prototype molds, IMD, etc..


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