Air assistant chair made by CenLong TECH with top class quality .
Our air assistant chair made for satisfied the market demands.
The theory of the air assistant chair:air assistant injection molding adopt high pressure inert gas to produce hollow area when injection inside parts.also push the flow material full to make sure the pressure is balanced .
The air assistant products and mould have a big market from car injection parts to home used .
The advantage of the air assistant chair :
1.Wipe off the sink mark of the products surface,to improve the products quality
2.Reduce warpage and deformation and flow line
3.Drop products inner stress ,improve products strength
4.Saving plastic material,cut the products weight(20%-40%)
5.Could improve the products stiffness 
6.Decrease the mould lamping force,injection pressure and machine power consumption
7.Shorten molding time,improve production
8.Enlong mold guarantee life ,reduce the cost.

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