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Mould Perfect Solution Supplier

Mould perfect solution supplier is also called solution supplier, mould supplier, problem solver. It name is CenLong mold Co,Ltd Mould perfect solution supplier could supply perfect solution, it means help you to solve problem. Mould perfect solution supplier could help you to solve every kind of mould problems, like home appliance parts mould (refrigerator mould, washing machine mould, air conditioner mould, rice […]

Baby Chair For Bycle Back Rest Mould

Baby chair for bycle back rest mould is made by our CenLong mould with high quality. We supplied many kinds of plastic chair moulds, and here,let me introduce baby chair mould for bycle back rest.The point we should take account:1.The material used should take the product strength account, because the chair is for baby use and we should […]

Plastic Milk Powder Spoon Mould

Plastic milk powder spoon mould we supplied with high quality and good after service. 1.Plastic milk powder spoon mould we ever made with 4cavities based on customer mould life and annual productivity.2.Plastic milk powder spoon mould with high polish due to customer requirements of products.3.Plastic milk powder spoon mould with logo from customer and texture requirements.4.Plastic spoon […]

Cap Molds

Cap molds with high quality supplied by CenLong Tech from China.CenLong Tech is a professional plastic mold manufacturer.Cap have many different types ,here let me introduce the standard cap mould -28mm .1. Cap mold cavities could based on customer’s requirements,generally,there could be even numbers,like 2,4,8,16,32,48cavities…2. Cap mold steel used could based on the mold life customer […]

Plastic Cap Mould

Plastic cap mould supplied by CenLong Tech in China with top class.CenLong Tech in plastic cap mould manufacturing and export.Plastic cap mould with many kinds, some are oil cap, some drink cap, some are industry used cap…no matter which kind of plastic cap, if you need mould, please choice us.Plastic cap mould also based on […]

High Speed Thin Wall Mold

Thin wall container is very popular used in the market all over the world, usually, we will call thin wall container is generally refers to the container which wall thin thickness is below 0.6mm. It is a high technical moulds, but CenLong as the professional thin wall mould manufacturer, we can say it is very […]

1/2L- Bucket- Round- Mould- Manufacturer

1L bucket lid is assembling with 1L bucket,so the mould making should pay attention the sealing performance. 1/2Lbucket round mold manufacturers in china, SINCERE TECH with high quality mold manufacturing service in China. 1/2 L bucket round mould we ever made with 2 cavities ,the mould quotation size is 750*450*550mm,the steel used with S136 to guarantee 1M […]

1gallon Bucket Mould Supporter In China

We support 1 gallon bucket mould for many customers from all the world. 1 gallon mould we did with 2 cavities , quote the mould dimension with 950*650*650mm,guaranted with 1M mould life ,with 18s cycle time and 2 tips hit runner, using stripper for ejection system.To satisfied the mould with 1M life we adopt the […]

1/2L Round Bucket Handle Mould Supplier

1/2 L round bucket handle mould supplier in China with high quality and good service. 1/2L round bucket handle mould is to produce plastic handle products.When design 1/2L round bucket handle mould should take the handle length ,it should be suitable for bucket .Then should design the rib good ,it could suitable for assembling with bucket right and left […]

Rubber Injection Molding

Understanding the Process of Rubber Injection Molding There are two types of rubber available in the market: these are the natural and synthetic rubber. Rubber has been around for more than hundreds of years now and it has already been used by most of the industrial companies in creating different kinds of materials. Since rubber […]