Mould technological process analysis is very important for a mould. It also means process analysis, technological process analysis and mould process analysis. The analysis target is technology process and mould process.

Mould technological process analysis first stepis Product check and design, then send the drawing to customer to check.

Mouls technological process analysis
 second step is Mould design, during the mould design, we will have a new mould meeting to talk about the design, and conclusion 
a constructive solution. Then send to customer to check.

Mouls technological process analysis third step is Prepare the steels.

Mouls technological process analysis forth step is Start to make the mould. This processing including use tooling machines, such as CNC, wire-electrode cutting and so on. During this time, we send you processing pictures every 15 days.

Mouls technological process analysis fifth step is  Mould test. After mould test, send you samples and video, if the sample have flash or some parts need to adjust, we will modified them. You also could come our company to see the 

Mouls technological process analysis sixth step is If the sample is ok, the mould could prepare to shipment. 

This is the rough mould technological process analysis, if you think some another step also needs to add, please let me know, thank you.