Cap molds with high quality supplied by CenLong Tech from China.
CenLong Tech is a professional plastic mold manufacturer.
Cap have many different types ,here let me introduce the standard cap mould -28mm .
1. Cap mold cavities could based on customer’s requirements,generally,there could be even numbers,like 2,4,8,16,32,48cavities…
2. Cap mold steel used could based on the mold life customer aksed
We ever made 28mm cap mold cavity:S420 stainless ,tempered with HRC48-52 
We ever made 28mm cap mold core:S420 stainless ,tempered with HRC48-52 
3. Cap mold base could choice LKM mold base or our Sino standard
4. The neck size of 28mm cap mold tooling with high performance machine:
1.Fidia machine from Italy who with high speed CNC 
2.Sodic machine from Japan with high precision EDM and wire cutting 
3.Mazack machine from Japan with high performance lathe 
5.We could provide customer with professional mold design based on customer’s drawings or samples, 
also with enough experience to avoid many problem .
6.Also could provide customer injection molding machine for customer injection mold from different tonnage.