China Painting Pail Mould

First of all, how to get the good paint pail moulds? Come to Sincere tech please, we have rich experience for all kinds of paint pail mould, from 5 litter, 8 litter, to 25 litter. It is very important for us to keep in mind with 3 technical points as below:

1.    Steel choose, as we know, the paint bucket have many ribs and undercut on the bucket around edge. And due to this special structure and in order to improve the cooling time, usually, we will adopt the beryllium copper on pail mould top of core and bottom of cavity.

2.    Mould structure, specially for the water cooling system, meanwhile, machine tooling is also very important to make sure the steel high precision size. So it can avoid the pails eccentricity.

3.    On more thing, when you start the paint bucket production, it must consider about the injection machine’s choose, at least with 3 buckets height.

Welcome to send us the inquiry when you have related projects, DongGuan Sincere tech will offer you the perfect solution.

High Speed Thin Wall Mold

Thin wall container is very popular used in the market all over the world, usually, we will call thin wall container is generally refers to the container which wall thin thickness is below 0.6mm. It is a high technical moulds, but Sino as the professional thin wall mould manufacturer, we can say it is very easy for us, and we make more 200 sets of thin wall moulds every year, most of them are suit with robots, high speed IML system.

To reach the fast cycle time, the cooling system is very important for the thin wall moulds,  it need high speed and high pressure. So the mould temperature will be high, it is very important to control the mould in low temperature, so we should add water channel as more as possible, and it should be near the product surface. Besides, we always adapt with Copper be to help the mould cooling, because Copper be has good thermal conductivity. Even though, the price will be much high than mould without Copper be, but the good cooling will help make the product very beautiful.

Please feel free to contact us when you need any thin wall plastic moulds, Sincere Tech will offer you very competitive price based on our top quality moulds.

Flip-Top Cap Mould

Flip top cap is widely used in our life because of its convenience and novelty. So it is very significant to develop flip top cap mould design and manufacturing. Along with Chinese plastic mould industry developing rapidly,great progress has been made in flit-top mould designing and researching.Compared with general cap mould,the request for flip-top cap moulding would be more rigorous in mould quality and process technology.of flip-top plastic cap.In flip-top cap mould design and manufacturing,there are some crucial points we must pay attention to:
       Firstly,the most important point is that we must guarantee the enough strength of folding part of flip-top plastic cap.So we should choose the plastic which has a high tensile strength to avoid the folding part broken.
       Secondly,we have to control the size precisely.In CNC milling,our engineer must audit strictly for procedure before tooling.We use 3D coordinate measures to check and control the precision.Our engineer design the flip-top cap mould according to the drawing size and tolerance limits control.
        Finally, how to make assembling of flip-top caps and containers perfectly?Our mould designer will design the 3D model acording to the plastic requirement and make mold flow analysis.After making 3D model and mold flow analysis,our engineer will avoid lots of mistakes in mould tooling and make the perfect assemble available.
        If you are interested in flip-top cap mould,if you are looking for flip-top cap mould maker or flip-top cap mould manufacturer,please feel free to contact me

Commodity Mould

Everybody dreamed of owing a happy and warmly family, in this family,a variety of commodities is essential,such as washing machine, refrigerator,fan,iron,rice cooker,microwave,and so on.For this reason, commodity production played an important part in industrial production;at the same time,commodity part moulds production is more and more important.

Sincere Tech specialized in home appliance parts mould, included mould analysing, mould design and mould manufacturing and provided commodity mould to fagor in spain,siemens commodity worldwide…our turnover with commodity moulds exceeded than 4 MUSD every year.

Sincere Tech has advanced technology and rich experience in washing machine and refrigerator mould. Automatic ejection system has a huge impact on commodity pars quality and precision and Sincere Tech really do well at this aspect.

Primary competitive advantages contains well and high quality control,customer’s design and logo are welcome,small order acceptable,prompt delivery and competitive price.

Chinese Caps moldings

Caps Moldings Chinese Suppliers

High quality Chinese Caps Moldings  need high quality China Chinese Caps Moldings molds, Chinese Caps Moldings technologies, and high quality machine for Chinese Caps Moldings

Chinese Caps Moldings  molds
As a top leader in China Chinese Caps Moldings molds supplier, Sincere Tech not only developed many high quality Chinese Caps Moldings molds for European customers, and offer our customer complete one-stop Chinese Caps Moldings production line to help them establish its own factory smoothly

Chinese Caps Moldings machine
When moldings ChineseCaps, we need high speed injection moldings machine like FSC high speed machine ,Dakumar high speed machine ,baby high speed machine. so it can achieve its high quality ChineseCaps Moldings at high production capacity. Sincere Tech Molds specially bought FSC high speed servo motor injection molding machine to satisfy our customer with our high quality moldings service.

Particular Plastic Machine Choose Mould

Particular plastic machine choose mould means special plastic machine need mould to match. Particular plastic machine and plastic machine all need choose mould. According toinjection machine, we will design the plastic mould size and mould structure. 

Particular plastic machine choose mould, for example, dual-color injection molding machine need 180 degree round mould, PET and PVC injection machine suitable for produce PET or PVC product mould. 

Regard to the mould design, we must need customer tell us the injection machine specifications for reference. Then the mould will suitable to the machine. And the injection machine and the mould will work better.

HYX MOLD also can according to your requirement to adjust the injection machine’s configuration. So If you need machine but also need adjust the size, please email me, our company will give you the prefect solution.

Plastic Chair Insert

HAO YUAN XING MOULD CO.LTD is a famous China mould manufacture,with professional work team ,high quantity , good after service.
Plastic chair manufactured by HYX with insert is one of the top technology to save steel and the most convenience for mould backseat change.
Generally,chair mould made with one mould with chair body and back seat ,if you need the mould with different backseat but same size and type,you also should make a new mould,then it wast money and time to do it.
But now,you could just made one chair body,but more than one backseat insert for different pattern to suitable one mould.
One mould with different inserts could reduce the time of make mould,save steel ,save time,but increased the production.
We have confidence to satisfy your requirements.

Mould Technological Process Analysis

Mould technological process analysis is very important for a mould. It also means process analysis, technological process analysis and mould process analysis. The analysis target is technology process and mould process.

Mould technological process analysis first stepis Product check and design, then send the drawing to customer to check.

Mouls technological process analysis
 second step is Mould design, during the mould design, we will have a new mould meeting to talk about the design, and conclusion 
a constructive solution. Then send to customer to check.

Mouls technological process analysis third step is Prepare the steels.

Mouls technological process analysis forth step is Start to make the mould. This processing including use tooling machines, such as CNC, wire-electrode cutting and so on. During this time, we send you processing pictures every 15 days.

Mouls technological process analysis fifth step is  Mould test. After mould test, send you samples and video, if the sample have flash or some parts need to adjust, we will modified them. You also could come our company to see the 

Mouls technological process analysis sixth step is If the sample is ok, the mould could prepare to shipment. 

This is the rough mould technological process analysis, if you think some another step also needs to add, please let me know, thank you.

Plastic Die Manufacturer China

Plastic die manufacturer China is a plastic die, China plastic die, die manufacturer. Die maker, China die manufacturer professional to make all different plastic dies, from home application to packaging, even motor parts.

Plastic die manufacturer China is very famous in the world. Looking for china plastic die manufacturers have many advantages, first, compared with other countries. Second, Chinese plastic die is cheaper, and the plastic die quality is very advantage. But find a good quality plastic die manufacturer is very important. Estimate a plastic die manufacturer whether is a high quality company, we usually inspect plastic die manufacturer’s company scale, and equipment and so on.

If you want looking for plastic die manufacturer China, please don’t forget to contact us, and estimate our plastic die manufacturer China.

Director Handle Spoon Mould

Plastic spoon has many kinds of type,and now,let introduce the mould of plastic spoon with director handle .
Plastic mould with director handle we supplied with high quality.
The plastic spoon generally used for ice cream,airline for food,for fast food and so on.
And the spoon mould from our company generally with 48 cavities or 64 cavities,also we could make the cavities based on customers requirements.
Different use of the spoon have different material,we used use the PP and PS as material for daily use.
Most important,the spoon we ever made with spoon ,kinfe and fork together.we could do the spoon ,knife 
and folk with one mould,for example,48cavities mould,then we could make the mould 16cavities each,also 
the key point is that we could design to control the each of them hot runner,when we just need on of them,
then we could turn off the other two’s hot runner,turn on the one you need produce