Air Assistant Chair Technology

Air assistant chair made by CenLong TECH with top class quality .
Our air assistant chair made for satisfied the market demands.
The theory of the air assistant chair:air assistant injection molding adopt high pressure inert gas to produce hollow area when injection inside parts.also push the flow material full to make sure the pressure is balanced .
The air assistant products and mould have a big market from car injection parts to home used .
The advantage of the air assistant chair :
1.Wipe off the sink mark of the products surface,to improve the products quality
2.Reduce warpage and deformation and flow line
3.Drop products inner stress ,improve products strength
4.Saving plastic material,cut the products weight(20%-40%)
5.Could improve the products stiffness 
6.Decrease the mould lamping force,injection pressure and machine power consumption
7.Shorten molding time,improve production
8.Enlong mold guarantee life ,reduce the cost.

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Mould Perfect Solution Supplier

Mould perfect solution supplier is also called solution supplier, mould supplier, problem solver. It name is CenLong mold Co,Ltd Mould perfect solution supplier could supply perfect solution, it means help you to solve problem.

Mould perfect solution supplier could help you to solve every kind of mould problems, like home appliance parts mould (refrigerator mould, washing machine mould, air conditioner mould, rice cooker mould and fan mould), Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve crate mould (bottle crate mould, industrial crate mould, vegetable crate mould, fish crate mould, two side stackable crate and foldable crate), Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve chair mould (daily use chair, beach chair mould and leisure chair), Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve bucket mould(10L,20L painting bucket mould with IML, square, oval, round shape bucket moulds and medical one-way bucket moulds), Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve industrial garbage bins & household dustbins, Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve thinwall high speed injection mould, Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve laundry basket and household commodity molds, Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve double color injection molding and stacking mould technology.

CenLong mold is a professional mould perfect solution supplier. According to our engineers’ experience, we could give you the professional suggest. Regard to our engineers, they all work more than 6 years, even more or less 20 years. 

So if you have new requirement, and you are not sure whether the design is the best, please feel free to contact us, we are glad to help you to check the design.

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Baby Chair For Bycle Back Rest Mould

Baby chair for bycle back rest mould is made by our CenLong mould with high quality.

We supplied many kinds of plastic chair moulds, and here,let me introduce baby chair mould for bycle back rest.
The point we should take account:
1.The material used should take the product strength account, because the chair is for baby use and we should especially pay attention.
2.The structure is also we should pay attention ,it is comfortable for baby use and stable for fix on the bycle.
3.The quality of the chair should pay most attention, should no flash to protect the baby skin .safe.
There also have technical point what we should pay attention, like the water line, blowing air ,mould life cycle and so on.

These mould point will be take account at the mould design step.
So we could promise the products is good after injection.

Plastic Milk Powder Spoon Mould

Plastic milk powder spoon mould we supplied with high quality and good after service.

1.Plastic milk powder spoon mould we ever made with 4cavities based on customer mould life and annual productivity.
2.Plastic milk powder spoon mould with high polish due to customer requirements of products.
3.Plastic milk powder spoon mould with logo from customer and texture requirements.
4.Plastic spoon mould with a hole in the middle of the spoon to make it more useful when stock milk powder.It is designed for thinking of it could help easy for fulling.if you can’t believe,you could try.
5.Plastic milk powder spoon mould injection material is PP .
6.Plastic milk powder spoon is for put inside cap ,so we should take assembling with cap in the design step.
7.We also should take plastic milk powder spoon mould strength account between handle and spoon

Cap Molds

Cap molds with high quality supplied by CenLong Tech from China.
CenLong Tech is a professional plastic mold manufacturer.
Cap have many different types ,here let me introduce the standard cap mould -28mm .
1. Cap mold cavities could based on customer’s requirements,generally,there could be even numbers,like 2,4,8,16,32,48cavities…
2. Cap mold steel used could based on the mold life customer aksed
We ever made 28mm cap mold cavity:S420 stainless ,tempered with HRC48-52 
We ever made 28mm cap mold core:S420 stainless ,tempered with HRC48-52 
3. Cap mold base could choice LKM mold base or our Sino standard
4. The neck size of 28mm cap mold tooling with high performance machine:
1.Fidia machine from Italy who with high speed CNC 
2.Sodic machine from Japan with high precision EDM and wire cutting 
3.Mazack machine from Japan with high performance lathe 
5.We could provide customer with professional mold design based on customer’s drawings or samples, 
also with enough experience to avoid many problem .
6.Also could provide customer injection molding machine for customer injection mold from different tonnage.

Plastic Cap Mould

Plastic cap mould supplied by CenLong Tech in China with top class.
CenLong Tech in plastic cap mould manufacturing and export.
Plastic cap mould with many kinds, some are oil cap, some drink cap, some are industry used cap…no matter which kind of plastic cap, if you need mould, please choice us.
Plastic cap mould also based on cap same to do,sample could let us know it structure,then we will know it is simple or complex structure,and our designer could based on the sample know how to design plastic cap mould, analyse material used ,based on cavity to know how large machine used.
Plastic cap mould ,the screw inside is the point we should pay attention .Because the screw will influence demoulding.If it is too deep,then will made demoulding more difficult,some time need hydraulic system help.
Generally,plastic cap is assembling with one bottle,so during mould designing ,we should pay attention to the sealing and assembling functions.

Sometimes, the customer will have other requirements, then please let us know, we will try our best to satisfy you.
We have professional plastic cap mould designing department, enough experience Injection molding molds making team, high performance mould tooling machine, accurate mould monitor department to service our customer.
Any more detail information and help, please feel free to contact.

High Speed Thin Wall Mold

Thin wall container is very popular used in the market all over the world, usually, we will call thin wall container is generally refers to the container which wall thin thickness is below 0.6mm. It is a high technical moulds, but CenLong as the professional thin wall mould manufacturer, we can say it is very easy for us, and we make more 200 sets of thin wall moulds every year, most of them are suit with robots, high speed IML system.

To reach the fast cycle time, the cooling system is very important for the thin wall moulds,  it need high speed and high pressure. So the mould temperature will be high, it is very important to control the mould in low temperature, so we should add water channel as more as possible, and it should be near the product surface. Besides, we always adapt with Copper be to help the mould cooling, because Copper be has good thermal conductivity. Even though, the price will be much high than mould without Copper be, but the good cooling will help make the product very beautiful.

Please feel free to contact us when you need any thin wall plastic moulds, Sino Mould will offer you very competitive price based on our top quality moulds

1/2L- Bucket- Round- Mould- Manufacturer

1L bucket lid is assembling with 1L bucket,so the mould making should pay attention the sealing performance.

1/2Lbucket round mold manufacturers in china, SINCERE TECH with high quality mold manufacturing service in China.

1/2 L bucket round mould we ever made with 2 cavities ,the mould quotation size is 750*450*550mm,the steel used with S136 to guarantee 1M mould life, the plastic we used is PP for mould test. Mould cycle time is 12S,using 2 tip hot runner to satisfied the products quality, using stripper for ejection .

1/2 L bucket round mould first sample will be deliver after 70 days when place an order.
We will get customers’ feed back after customer confirm the first samples.
We should improve the mould before qualify customers.

We have enough experience in 1/2L bucket round mould manufacturing.

1gallon Bucket Mould Supporter In China

We support 1 gallon bucket mould for many customers from all the world.

1 gallon mould we did with 2 cavities , quote the mould dimension with 950*650*650mm,guaranted with 1M mould life ,with 18s cycle time and 2 tips hit runner, using stripper for ejection system.
To satisfied the mould with 1M life we adopt the S136 steel material .
We also could supply customer injection molding machine .So we suggest customer our DKM500 as the 2 cavities 1 gallon bucket mould .
Hot runner we suggest – Anole hot runner from our company ,with reasonable price and high performance.
We could supply customer from the plastic mould, injection molding machine, hot runner mold, also many other auxiliary machines for customer .
We will supply customer good equipments,also good service.

1/2L Round Bucket Handle Mould Supplier

1/2 L round bucket handle mould supplier in China with high quality and good service.

1/2L round bucket handle mould is to produce plastic handle products.
When design 1/2L round bucket handle mould should take the handle length ,it should be suitable for bucket .
Then should design the rib good ,it could suitable for assembling with bucket right and left the hole.
All in all should take the bucket whole assembling account .
Due to the handle products is small ,so we suggest design it could 4 cavities.
To think of it shape , we designed with ejector pin for ejector.