A curling iron is a small electrical appliance that is used to convert straight hair into curly hair. There are various types of curling iron depending on the diameter of the barrel, materials used, number of barrels and the levels of temperature control. Of all the types of curling irons, 3 barrel curling iron is the most commonly used these days.

Want to curl first? Get a triple action with curling Iron 3 barrel. What is a 3 barrel Curling Iron? As the name suggests, this is a curling iron, but unlike ordinary curling irons which have a single barrel, this has three barrels, thus, making your work three times easier.

Also referred to as a ‘triple barrel waver’, or ‘a triple barrel iron’, this is a small gadget with a monstrous ability. In case you want to play safe, get a ceramic type, especially the ultra modern Tourmaline ceramic.

What is the difference between 3 barrel curling iron and other traditional curling irons?

The main difference between 3 barrel curling iron and other traditional curling irons is the fact that it has 3 barrels.

Why is 3 barrel curling iron better than the traditional curling irons?

v fast heating
v multiple levels of temperature control
v Very light construction
v Extensive diameter
v Uses of ultra-modern technology to safeguard hair from too much heat.

How is 3 barrel curling iron used to deliver excellent results?

In case you are wondering how to use curling iron 3 barrel, look no further, here we show you how. Follow our seven simple step instructions;

  1. Clean your hair, make sure it is dry and then comb it to remove snags and tangles to give smoother waves.
  2. Turn on your 3 barrel curling iron and allow it to heat up
  3. Spray your heat protective serum onto the already dry hair
  4. Separate a fine section of your hair, and clamp it down with 3 barrel curling iron
  5. Roll up to about 3 cm to your scalp and hold for about 2 to 5 seconds
  6. Unclamp the 3 barrel curling iron, and move slightly lower downwards. Repeat until the entire section of hair is wavy.
  7. Repeat the above step until the entire hair on the head is wavy

Three barrel curling iron comes in various sizes based on the diameter of the barrels ranging from ½ inch to 2 inches. Those 3 barrels that come in sizes ranging between 1.5 inches to 2 inches are known as Large 3 barrel curling irons. The larger the size of the 3 barrel curling iron, the looser the curl and the wavier it becomes. Therefore if you want tight springy curls, then choose ½ inch 3 barrel curling iron, likewise, if you desire medium sized but wavier curls, choose 1 inch 3 barrel curling iron. However, if you desire the ‘S’ shaped, loose and wavy hair, then, the best choice is the 2 inch 3 barrel curling iron.

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