Plastic spoon has many kinds of type,and now,let introduce the mould of plastic spoon with director handle .
Plastic mould with director handle we supplied with high quality.
The plastic spoon generally used for ice cream,airline for food,for fast food and so on.
And the spoon mould from our company generally with 48 cavities or 64 cavities,also we could make the cavities based on customers requirements.
Different use of the spoon have different material,we used use the PP and PS as material for daily use.
Most important,the spoon we ever made with spoon ,kinfe and fork together.we could do the spoon ,knife 
and folk with one mould,for example,48cavities mould,then we could make the mould 16cavities each,also 
the key point is that we could design to control the each of them hot runner,when we just need on of them,
then we could turn off the other two’s hot runner,turn on the one you need produce