Plastic milk powder spoon mould we supplied with high quality and good after service.

1.Plastic milk powder spoon mould we ever made with 4cavities based on customer mould life and annual productivity.
2.Plastic milk powder spoon mould with high polish due to customer requirements of products.
3.Plastic milk powder spoon mould with logo from customer and texture requirements.
4.Plastic spoon mould with a hole in the middle of the spoon to make it more useful when stock milk powder.It is designed for thinking of it could help easy for fulling.if you can’t believe,you could try.
5.Plastic milk powder spoon mould injection material is PP .
6.Plastic milk powder spoon is for put inside cap ,so we should take assembling with cap in the design step.
7.We also should take plastic milk powder spoon mould strength account between handle and spoon