Flip top cap is widely used in our life because of its convenience and novelty. So it is very significant to develop flip top cap mould design and manufacturing. Along with Chinese plastic mould industry developing rapidly,great progress has been made in flit-top mould designing and researching.Compared with general cap mould,the request for flip-top cap moulding would be more rigorous in mould quality and process technology.of flip-top plastic cap.In flip-top cap mould design and manufacturing,there are some crucial points we must pay attention to:
       Firstly,the most important point is that we must guarantee the enough strength of folding part of flip-top plastic cap.So we should choose the plastic which has a high tensile strength to avoid the folding part broken.
       Secondly,we have to control the size precisely.In CNC milling,our engineer must audit strictly for procedure before tooling.We use 3D coordinate measures to check and control the precision.Our engineer design the flip-top cap mould according to the drawing size and tolerance limits control.
        Finally, how to make assembling of flip-top caps and containers perfectly?Our mould designer will design the 3D model acording to the plastic requirement and make mold flow analysis.After making 3D model and mold flow analysis,our engineer will avoid lots of mistakes in mould tooling and make the perfect assemble available.
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