PC plastic molding– Polycarbonate plastic molding

  • Polycarbonate plastics, including polycarbonate baby bottles and kitchen storage containers, are safe and convenient for the preparation and storage of all types of foods and beverages.
  • Polycarbonate food containers help preserve freshness and protect food from contamination.
  • Polycarbonate plastics are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and international safety regulations to assure their safety in direct food and beverage contact.
  • A raw material used in polycarbonate plastics, bisphenol A (BPA), has been the subject of recent news reports questioning its safety. The fact is that BPA has been extensively studied for decades. Based on numerous safety tests, the U.S. FDA permits the use of BPA in polycarbonate packaging for all types of food.
  • One 1997 FDA study focused on BPA used to make polycarbonate baby bottles. The study concluded that, in conditions representing typical consumer use, there was no migration at all of BPA from the bottle into its contents. Another study conducted in 1997 by the U.K. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food “conclusively demonstrated that there is no leaching of bisphenol A from polycarbonate baby bottles during use.”
  • For technical information on polycarbonate plastic molding ( PC plastic molding ) and its building block material, BPA, visit https://www.plasticmold.net/