Plastic cap mould supplied by CenLong Holdings in China with top class.
Cen Long Holdings is specialized in plastic cap mould manufacturing and export.
Plastic cap mould with many kinds,some are oil cap,some are drink cap,some are industry used cap…no matter which kind of plastic cap,if you need mould,please choice us.
Plastic cap mould also based on cap same to do,sample could let us know it structure,then we will know it is simple or complex structure,and our designer could based on the sample know how to design plastic cap mould, analyse material used ,based on cavity to know how large machine used.
Plastic cap mould ,the screw inside is the point we should pay attention .Because the screw will influence demoulding.If it is too deep,then will made demoulding more difficult,some time need hydraulic system help.
Generally,plastic cap is assembling with one bottle,so during mould designing ,we should pay attention to the sealing and assembling functions.

Some time, customer will have other requirements , then please let us know, we will try our best to satisfied you .
We have professional plastic cap mould designing department, enough experience mould making team, high performance mould tooling machine, accurate mould monitor department to service our customer.