Plastic injection molding

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Plastic injection molding

Plastic Injection molding is the primary focus for CENGLONG TECH. Plastic injection molding services, prototype molds, plastic molds, insert molding and thermoplastic molding are just a few of the other services Sure Shot Plastics, Inc., provides. Our north county facility allows us close access to the naval facility, irrigation companies, and numerous golf facilities. Sure Shot Plastics, Inc., works extensively with orthodontic companies for the advancement of higher quality brackets. Sure Shot Plastics, Inc., continues to work with new product development to better the companies with which we work.

CL tech, works with companies in the skateboard industry as well as the motorcycle industry producing after market parts.

Metal injection molding (also known as mim), in addition to other injection services that include, injection thermoplastics and injection molding ceramics, make up just a portion of Sure Shot Plastics, Inc.

The Sure Shot Plastics, Inc., state of the art facility is equipped to handle most any job – regardless of size.

Your first choice in metal injection molding is CL TECH

What is plastic injection molding?

A manufacturing company melts down plastic and place it into a mold. Once the plastic is in the mold cavity, it takes the shape of the object you desire. For example, there is a plastic mold for bottles, plates, etc. However, most molds are used for a more complex design like a mannequin or toothbrush handle.

The molding process creates stronger and more durable products than prior processes. It is also a more efficient process that causes little waste.

The Plastic Mold Today

Today, companies are willing to take on orders that are large in quantity and short on time. They use small and large machines to provide state of the art plastic injection mold. The injection molding process is not limited to one material. Companies use thermoplastics, thermosetting polymers, metals and glass to help make moldings. A computer is used to assist skilled machine operators and their quality assurance team in the precision of every plastic mold.

But today most of customers are buying plastic injection mold and plastic molding parts from China mold companies.

Mold Manufacturer China has taken the market by storm. It is evident that it is one of the major suppliers and distributors of mold across the globe. Plastic moulding is the reason you are able to see the various shapes of plastic. Despite capturing a larger share of the international market, there have been some concerns raised by consumers who outsource the plastic mold in China. There are both advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing plastic mold in China.

Advantages of Outsourcing Plastic Mold In China

Quick delivery time

When looking to buy plastic from China, you can be sure that the delivery time is very fast and efficient as compared to its competitors.


China has cheap labor, which translates to cheap and affordable plastic. This is the reason why mold as well as other products from China. In addition, there are readily available resources.

Skill and experience

You can trust China to produce the best of plastic due to their experience and skill accumulated over the years. However, keep in mind that due to differing target needs, they are willing to compromise on this and create plastic to serve the lower economic market. In this, cheaper plastic has been introduced.


Quality compromise

There have been concerns about the quality of plastic from China. Quality is everything in any product and not even price should be a reason to let go of quality. Majority of the items that are being released in the market are lacking proper design, proper finishing as well as general quality. This is not to say that all products in this line are faulty. There are still some very good quality and design of plastic from China.


It is advisable that before outsourcing the plastic mold China, that you carry out adequate research regarding the various brands you are seeking to purchase from. While there are some very good and quality products in China, many other similar products in this line lack the required standards to provide quality plastic mold.