Plastic Mold Manufacturing Capacity

Your plastic molds and plastic molding project is managed by a professional team with over 20 years of combined experience.  Our company is built on personalized service to you the customer with excellent price structures and flexible production schedules.  We offer each customer up to date technical support for their custom injection molded projects while maintaining a small town commitment for dependability and pride of workmanship.

   CengLong Tech, the sale isn’t over after you place your order.  Each project is assured quality engineering support, use of the right materials, strict quality control, and on time shipping of your orders. Our pledge is to follow the job through from beginning to end, and that you are satisfied with your product  This is a commitment you can count on.

Contact CengLong Tech. for immediate consultation regarding your plastic injection mould projects. If you need knowledgeable technical assistance concerning tooling and design for simple prototypes or complex parts we are here for you.